3 Steps To Order Your First Custom Bikini

Hello Fitness Competitors!

Fitnessprodirect has been creating custom competition bikinis for the past 10 years. We are thankful & grateful for our awesome customers who trust us to create their custom bikinis. Today, we wanted to address our new clients , our first timers! Welcome to the Fun World of Competing! We want you to have good experience, make it simple & easy while you choose your First Competition Bikini. We created this special webinar, presented by Silvia, founder of Saleyla & Fitnessprodirect. Register to watch by clicking the link below.


Step 1: Choose Your Color

The color of your suit is really important. Choose color that compliment your skin tone, hair & eye color. Keep in mind that stage lights will be very bright, therefor bold, primary colors stand out the most- such as blue, green, red or purple. Feel free to view our fabric selection & order free fabric swatches. Ask your coach, suit designer, family, friends to give you feedback, but ultimately you’ll have to make the choice of the color you love best.

Step 2: Choose Your Design

Select rhinestone design that compliments your fabric choice. We offer a large variety of designs, and there is a style for anyone. If you’re competing in bikini or wellness, choose all over scattered or gradient rhinestone design. If you’re competing in figure or physique, then you can select more intricate crystal design or anything that inspires you. When choosing Saleyla custom suit, you can always change the fabric or rhinestone color, free of charge.

Step 3: Choose Your Style

Select the top & bottom style that compliments your body. We offer 4 different top styles- triangle, molded triangle, halter & underwire. You can see picture of styles here. Bikini & figure bottom styles are different cut, but the most important would be choosing your back width. We go over back widths for bikini here and figure & physique style here. You can check with your organization for the rules of the back coverage before you make your decision.

We hope this information was helpful and and we wanted to mention that “Anything is possible with Saleyla Custom Bikini”, just chat us or email us with questions. If you would like a SNEAK PEEK of your bikini while being made, follow us & DM us on instagram.