Bikini Competition Checklist- A Complete Guide

                            Your Bikini Competition Journey Starts Here! 🌟




Hello Gorgeous! Welcome to the beginning of an incredible journey towards your bikini competition debut. We know it’s a mix of excitement and nerves, but guess what? You’re not alone! We’re here to make sure you’re 100% ready to shine on stage. Let’s dive into your personalized checklist—consider it your secret weapon to hitting the stage with confidence and poise.

12 Weeks Out

  • Set Goals:  Define your competition goals, including desired physique, posing, and stage presence.


  • Choose Federation: Check that your federation membership is current and valid. If not, renew it. If you haven’t joined a federation yet, research and select one that aligns with your goals and preferred divisions, such as bikini, figure, or physique.


  • Read Federation Rules: Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the federation you choose. Pay close attention to division-specific guidelines, posing requirements, and any other competition rules.


  • Find Coach or Trainer: Consider hiring a coach or trainer experienced in bikini competition prep to guide you through the process.

10 Weeks Out

  • Register for Competition: Enter the competition by registering in advance for your chosen division and class. Be aware of any cutoff dates for entry.


  • Begin Training Plan: Start following a structured workout plan designed to build muscle, shape your physique, and target areas specific to bikini competition.


  • Practice Posing: Begin practicing your posing routine regularly to become comfortable and confident on stage.


8 Weeks Out

  • Dream Up Your Perfect Bikini: Think about designs and colors that reflect your inner goddess. Saleyla’s got your back with dazzling options!


  •   Order Your Posing Suit: Order your Posing Suit from Saleyla , because who else knows competition style better? Plus, we offer practice suits that adjust as your prep progresses. So, you’re covered even if your weight changes along the way!


  • Buy Competition Heels: Purchase Competition Heels ofc from Saleyla as soon as possible, so you have ample time to wear them in and feel comfortable. Start wearing them once you receive them to ensure you feel confident and ready to strut your stuff on stage!


  • Continue Diet and Training: Stay consistent with your nutrition plan and training regimen, making adjustments as needed to progress towards your goals.

6 Weeks Out

  • Schedule Tanning and Hair: Arrange for competition day tanning and hair services, booking appointments with reputable providers well in advance.


  • Order Your Competition Bikini: It’s time to get serious about your stage style! Order your Competition Suit  from Saleyla because, let’s face it, we are  the experts in crafting perfect Bikinis. 


4 Weeks Out

  • Peak Week Planning: Work with your coach to plan your peak week strategy, including carb cycling, water manipulation, and final adjustments to your diet and training.


  • Practice Posing: Increase the frequency of posing practice sessions to refine your routine and presentation.

2 Weeks Out

  • Finalize Details: Double-check all competition day details, including travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, and backstage necessities.


  • Taper Training: Begin tapering your training intensity to allow for optimal recovery and fullness on competition day.


Competition Week

  • Final Posing Practice: Have a final posing session to polish your routine and ensure confidence on stage.


  • Gather Essentials: Pack your competition bag with essentials such as competition bikini, heels,jewelry ,touch-up makeup, snacks, water, and any necessary paperwork or identification


Competition Day

  • Arrive Early: Arrive at the competition venue early to check in, receive competitor instructions, and prepare for the day ahead.


  • Enjoy the Experience: Stay relaxed, confident, and enjoy the experience of showcasing your hard work and dedication on stage. Remember to smile and have fun!



  •  Reflect With Joy: Celebrate your journey, noting all you’ve learned and how you’ve grown.


  •  Celebrate You: Indulge in a post-competition treat because you’ve earned every bit of it.


  •  Rest and Rejuvenate: Give your body and soul the rest they deserve, dreaming of your next adventure.                 



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