Getting Started in Bikini & Figure Competitio​ns

Getting Started in Figure Competitions                       Monday, September 10, 2012 4:26:06 PM         You’ve always been interested in staying fit, but you’ve finally decided to take that passion to the next level. That’s great, because now is the perfect time to get into figure and bikini competitions, as they are more popular today than they have […]

Training for Figure & Bikini Competitio​ns

Training for Figure & Bikini Competitions If you’re new to the world of figure and bikini competitions and you’re just mapping out your training plan, you may be unsure of which one you’ll be better suited for. Don’t worry. That’s quite common for a lot of women when they first dip their feet into the […]

Different Types of Competitio​ns

Different Types of Female Body Competitions                       You’ve finished your final half gallon of rocky road ice cream, and you’ve decided to hit the gym hard and get in the best shape of your life. Sure, you may simply want to look great in a bikini, but what better way to show off all of your […]

Bikini & Figure Posing

To win a figure competition, you of course need to look good and be confident. While you’ll have a few opportunities to impress the judges throughout the contest, your mandatory poses can really make or break your shot at the title. Since this is one of the only times during the competition when you’ll be […]

Jennifer Nicole Lee: From homemaker to fitness model

While there are many different reasons to enter the body competition arena, one of the most appealing aspects is the challenge. This demanding but rewarding field forces you to burst out of your comfort zone and really push yourself to the limit. And, for professional body model Jennifer Nicole Lee, signing up for a fitness […]

Building your Personal Brand

Hard work, determination and a lot of self control can get you up on the stage, but in order to win, you need to stand out from the competition. Whether it’s an amazing posing suit or your glowing femininity, you need to make sure you bring something unique to the table. If you play your […]

Ladies: Don’t skip your chest workouts

For all the time female competitors spend tightening up their glutes, carving out their abs and slimming down their thighs, it’s amazing how often these ladies neglect their chests! It seems that some women – particularly those with a smaller cup size – are a little hesitant to really work this area for fear that […]

Sparkle 601 Clear Competition Shoe

Bikini & Figure Competition Shoe

The Military Press: A must for shapely shoulders

Whether you’re competing in a bodybuilding, physique or bikini competition, the impact you make when you step on stage is the key to success in this field. And, though the level of definition is certainly different across these platforms, having a strong, commanding set of shoulders is an important part of the package. No matter […]