Don’t be afraid to turn your back to the judges with these tips

To truly stand out in a physique, bikini or figure competition, you have to make an impact at every angle. That’s why it’s as important to tone your calves, flutes and back muscles as it is to etch out those rock-hard abs.

If you are concerned that you may be neglecting your back muscles in your regular workout routine, adding a few of these exercises to the rotation can help.

The CobraFitness Magazine recommends this step for beginners who are just starting to ramp up their workouts. Simply lie stomach-down on the floor. Then, while keeping your stomach and glute muscles taut, lift your shoulder and legs upward until they are a few inches above the ground. Hold your arms at your side as you repeat this exercise.

The Rolling Ball Pull – If you don’t already own a stability ball, consider adding it to your wish list, as it can come in handy in a number of different workouts. This exercise, which the source suggests for intermediate trainers, requires you to kneel on the ground and rest your forearms on the ball. Then, roll the ball away from you so that your arms and body are fully extended and hold the position for a few seconds.

The Bent-Over Rows– Shape magazine explains that this move can help tone your shoulders and middle back, so you can have a powerful, balanced look on stage. With a dumbbell in each hand, bend your knees slightly and lean your torso forward while keeping your back perfectly straight. Then, lift the dumbbells so they meet up with the upward-pointing line of your back.

Add these steps to your workout and you’ll be giving the officials something to remember you by as you walk offstage during your next round of bikini competitions.